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Migue Soria

Migue Soria successful Mexican DJ, has over 15 years experience, lies at the moment in Monterrey, Mexico and has in his list of great places nationwide. During his long career he has shared shows with large national and international DJ's and has worked for many years with great success in large and important companies. Soria immediately achieved environment that we as customers are looking for, a night of total fun. It is noteworthy that also has 8 years as a producer, he has created several productions for major artists, as well as a number of fatmixes, since 80% of the music that plays in their nightly shows are his own productions, also has its recording studio where he prepares his fatmixes well as share their knowledge with people who have concerns to be DJ's. Soria has managed to combine perfect their skills as a producer for his work as a DJ with great success and great achievements, for their shows every night is a success.

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Maya Karunna

Luis Montes de Oca

Cesar Gudino Sussie 4

Carlos Lanuza

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